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Sports Betting Basics and Tips on How To Win a Bet?

When I was younger my dad used to take me to the bookmakers with him to have a bet on the horses or the dogs. The places were full of old blokes smoking theirs heads off and shouting bad language at the television screens. The place stank and was quite a scary place for a youngster . My dad used to give me some money and told me to pick a horse in the last race. No matter what the place smelt like or the foul language I heard, all of it sank into the background when my horse was leading the race. My heart raced so fast and I will never forget the exhilarating feeling I felt, the thrill and of course the cash, well minus my dads cut!

Gone are them days oh they still have bookmakers but they are now clean and to be honest look virtually empty all the time. This is because internet gambling has taking sports betting to a new level all together so check online casino archives. Nowadays you can bet on almost any sport at any level from which dog to win to the minute the player scores the winning goal or even the first goal.

The best tip I can give is do not ever spend more than you can afford and as soon as you place the bet think of the money as gone. That way if you do actually win the experience is that much better. I have many friends that sports gamble on various sports. I don’t think any of them will say that they have a sure fire system for winning. Although some are very cagy when asking them their systems.

Sports betting is a mine field, you are betting on a human being on his or her best at the time you place your bet, everybody has an off day and everyone has the day when they just cant lose – it is life.

I personally play goals galore in the English football league which is I pick 10 games of football (usually by random) this cost me £10 all they have to do is each team has to score a goal for me to win £1000! Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well I have been doing this for 8 years now and only once has it ever come in. This proves how hard it is to win at sports bets.

Mobile sports betting companies will accept most wagers on most sports so start small. I love horse racing and you can get some very good odds if you mix up your bets. A good way to do this is to place 10 £1 trebles this means that you pick 3 different horses for each bet. So a possible 30 horses can be picked. Each bet is separate and to be honest you could just pick one bet , I chose 10 to make it more of a day experience. The horses race and say only one horse wins then you still win! If two horses win then you get two single wins and a double win.(This is where the odds start to accumulate). If three come in then you will win 3 singles 2 doubles and a treble ! This could make the bet massive with only a very small stake. Don’t let the recession stop you from having big casino online fun.

Please gamble responsibly at live casino and never ever spend what you don’t have.

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